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This hand painted purse called 'Shell' is daring and timeless. This art work is an Acrylic painting on Leather. The leather is the canvas. The simplicity makes it timeless.

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I see things differently. I am the only one with my unique voice and perception. I speak through my art and my paintings. I usually get a nudging/knowing when I am out in nature. 


I make abstract paintings, the meanings are left to the beholder. I use vivid colors, hues and tints to express myself.

I tend to lose myself in my paintings. I am extremely focused on my work and my time in the studio. These are all my original  paintings. I hope they can find a home with you.

As a Fine and Applied artist, I have a passion and love for photography. All the pictures herein are my original photographs. I only take pictures of things I feel are extraordinary.


My love of  nature keeps me alert and aware of the paintings of nature and the wide array of colors, that God uses to beautify the earth for us. I mainly take pictures of landscapes, sunsets and sunrises.

These images will eventually be available to be purchased in digital form and in different sizes as well as on different items.

Enjoy! let us know your thoughts.Thank you!

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