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I see things differently.

I have always seen things differently ...As an artist, I see things in a way that begs the question, what is art? Art is mostly described as self expression and I agree. That means that I am the only one with my unique voice and perception to say things as I see and feel them.

I speak through my art especially my oil paintings.

My paintings usually starts with a nudging or a knowing or an idea which stems from being in nature, taking a walk or just sitting in the park or in my backyard.


I make abstract paintings, their meanings are left to the beholder. In my fine arts journey, I use vivid colors, hues and tints to express myself. I create what I feel in my spirit that needs to come expressed not just for me but also for beholder.


I usually paint on canvas or on board. I am very passionate about my work. I feel spirit led to create. I will always create even if nobody ever saw it. I feel it is my duty to get the work out there. I have done just that, create and hide, but now I am ready to get it all out there. 

I like the smell of the oil paint, and I tend to lose myself in my painting, sometimes I neglect to eat. I focus extremely on my work and my time in the studio. These original oil paintings could fill an empty space in your home on a wall or add 'aura' or 'attitude' to a mantle or fireplace.


Each original painting is signed by the artist. 

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