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The process begins with shopping for a purse that has good bones and is made of leather. I am a tactile person and as such I like to touch and feel the bags to see if they speak to me.

As I feel the textures of the leather, I also start to think of the kind of design that will show off the characters of the purse/bag.


I check for other attribute the purse/bag may possess. If it has frills, tassels, if it is a designer bag, if it has an 'attitude' or 'character'.


It is much like shopping for real estate. I need a purse/bag that has good bones (foundation) on which to build my designs.

The Artist making a sketch of the design that will go on a purse/handbag. Each hand painted purse/handbag begins with a sketch of the potential designs to go on them. The ideas and designs depends mostly on the shape and construction of the purse/handbag. The Artist decides the colors and depths of tints and hues that constitutes the new purse/handbag.
About Our Leather
Different colors and textures of leather as can be seen on the leather purses/handbags. The designs depends on the unique characteristics of the purse/handbag.


The selection of any purse/bag depends solely on the potentials the purse/bag exhibits to the artist.

There are a number of items that the purse needs in order to make it eligible to qualify as a potential candidate  for a make-over:

  • It needs to have a good foundation (Good bones)

  • It needs to have functional accessories (hardware, zippers, buckles, tassels, buttons, locks and the such) 

  • It needs to have life in it for the journey ahead

  • It must have 'attitude' & 'character'

  • It needs to have potential (a certain 'umph')


Here is an overview of the craftsmanship and transformation process each of these purses/bags have to go through to morph

from their plain original selves.

They go through a cocooning process of being designed and painted.

They come into themselves and become new, vibrant & colorful butterflies as they become a new work of art. 

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