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Handbags to be painted. Custom painted handbags. Hand painting on bags.

Dare to be...


I am very passionate about Purses/Handbags. I have been from a very young age. I learnt from my Mom to wear a purse/handbag to complete my outfit. My Mom is my inspiration and role model. She would never leave the house without a Purse/Handbag.

I would always look into her purse and wonder what a lady had in her purse/handbag. There were a myriad of items. This piqued my curiosity and drew my attention. 

I remember, my mum was always checking that I had a matching purse/handbag on my tiny shoulder, she would step back to admire her little princess with an assuring smile.

I still get 'that look' from my Mom if I dared to venture out without a purse/handbag. My father told me in my teenage years, 'A lady must wear a purse/handbag, it completes her outfit'.  A purses/handbag adds 'character' or 'attitude' to the wearer’s outlook or presentation, and in most cases, they say a lot about someone's personality.

Image of handbags to be hand painted. Different styles of handbags.

I used to wish I could find the kind of purses/handbags I imagine I would love to wear. I was led to achieve that by painting on leather purses/handbags and hereby making them into my own unique style.(Custom made).

You know what they say, ‘if you want something that does not exist create it yourself’. That’s exactly what I did. You see, I have always wanted to create something unique, different and welcoming, this period of the Novel Corona virus lock-down afforded me the quiet time to think, conceptualize and actualize what I had ‘excitedly’ wanted to share with the world – my creations.


I saw myself with time on my hands and my materials (paints, brushes, and purses/handbags) were just a walk away in a room by the corner – 'my home studio', Lo and behold;

The birth of 'Agerry Designz


My brand and logo has a lot to do with co-creating with the Holy Spirit and daring to be bold, imaginative  and different.

I love nature. I like taking a walk and looking at nature. Listening to the insects and watching 

the animals scurry about their business. I watch and observe the various colors, shades and tints of plants.

When I create, I see myself as a caterpillar on a journey to becoming a butterfly. The cocoon stage is where I incubate ideas downloaded to me through the help of the Holy Spirit.

I conceptualize and actualize the Purses/Handbags transforming them into the customized  work they become.

This is the image of the Agerry Designz logo. It represents the convergence of Art, Design and Creativity. The meeting point of body, mind and spirit, just like the trinity coming together to create a strong bond which transends everything. This is displayed in the colors, shapes and ideas represented herein.
Image of the Artist, Agerry Designz


Hello, I am known as Agerry Designz, my name is Adaora Moneme, I started drawing and painting at a very young age as all kids do. I have had a real passion for it since..


It has stuck with me through the years, through a Bachelor of Arts in Fine and Applied Arts. My first drawings must have been when I was about 5 yrs old. My first book was written, illustrated and bound by me when I was about 7 or 8 yrs. My parents still have it and have been in full support of my art..

For relaxation, I listen to music, read books, watch movies, knit or crotchet when I can.

In my work, I dare to be different, I dare to stand out, I dare to make a statement, I dare to live, I dare to be…

What do you dare? 

Image of the Artisit in Nature
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